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Patriotic Sugar Cookies with SugarBliss Wed, July 22nd 6-9 pm

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SugarBliss Cookies is coming to Orson Gygi! Laurie and Jeanette are co-founders, sisters, and the creative team behind SugarBliss Cookies. They share a passion for decorating sugar cookies which originated from a favorite childhood tradition: decorating cookies with their mother.

Beginning with just their mother’s recipes, Jeanette and Laurie began their quest to create the perfectly decorated sugar cookie. Practice makes perfect, and after much encouragement from family and friends, they founded SugarBliss Cookies in 2009. Examples of their work can be seen at

In addition to creating beautiful and unique cookies for their customers, their work has also won multiple awards at both the 2012 and 2014 Cookie Con. They are mostly self-taught and use a wide variety of techniques. SugarBliss Cookies is best known for their airbrushing and unique style. Cookie decorating is a labor of love and it offers something everyone can enjoy. Laurie and Jeanette will show you the tricks you need to create cookie masterpieces, whether your goal is to take your decorating skills to the next level or you just love the simple sweet designs.

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