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Come volunteer with Gygi! 

You don’t need to be a kitchen master to be a Gygi volunteer. If you love to cook, love to socialize, or just want to learn a few kitchen basics we’d love for you to come volunteer for one of our classes.

How it works

Fill out the form below to be added to our email list. We’ll send out emails for all of our upcoming classes we need a little extra help with. If you’re interested in helping in one of the classes then simply respond to the email, if you’re not, wait for the next round of classes to come your way.

What to expect

We ask all of our volunteers to show up 1 hour before the class and plan on about a 4-5 hour shift.

All of our volunteers will assist the instructors in helping with the set up prior to class starting. Our volunteers play an essential role in all of our classes. Although our volunteers stay busy, it’s a great way to get to know our instructors, learn, and have fun. Working so close to our great instructors also gives all our volunteers a chance to learn some behind-the-scenes tricks of the trade.

When the class has wrapped up, our volunteers get their hands a little dirty by helping us clean up. Although washing dishes is involved in the clean up process, we still have fun. Plus, it’s somehow easier doing other’s dishes than your own!

Because we believe in sharing the love, we offer all of our volunteers an opportunity to attend a class of their choice for free, after they have volunteered for 4 classes.

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