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Do you offer charitable donations?

-Yes. Orson Gygi is very happy to be an active and supportive member of our local community. We encourage you to reach out to us for donation requests by sending an email to: Please include a cover letter, your contact information, the amount requested, and specific information regarding who the donation is for.


We would love to be able to accept all donation requests that come our way, however, because we do have a limited budget, we ask for your understanding and patience. Thank you for being an involved member of the Utah community.

Are there age limits to the cooking classes?

-All students who register for our cooking classes must be 16 years or older to attend alone. Students younger than 16 can participate in classes with an also paying adult to accompany them. We do sometimes offer a Teens In The Kitchen class that allows anyone ages 11-15 to attend and Kids In The Kitchen that allows anyone from 7-12 years of age to attend. If you have any questions regarding age limits for classes please reach out at

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